Naval Architecture &
Mechanical Design

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Who we are:

From Concept to Reality

Kraftmar Design Services is a naval architecture and mechanical engineering firm located near Fishermen's Terminal in Seattle, WA. Our customers range from fishing vessels, tugboats and yacht owners to shipyards and machine shops. From designing new boats or retrofitting existing ones to designing details for mechanical parts we have the expertise needed to turn your idea into a reality.

Services we provide:


  • Concept Designs
  • General Arrangements
  • Hull Design
  • Structural Drawings and Calculations
  • Crane Foundations
  • Winch Foundations
  • Bulbous Bows
  • Pilothouses
  • Gantries and A-Frames
  • Stability
  • Inclining Tests


  • Shafting Design
  • Coupling Design
  • Steering Systems
  • Ramp Details
  • Fuel Transfer Diagrams
  • Piping Drawings
  • Detailed Machining Drawings

& Safety

  • Fire and Safety Plans
  • Format for Safety Meetings
  • Software for Maintenance Planning

Our work approach:

At Kraftmar we strongly believe in working closely with the customer from the beginning of a project to its completion. We stay closely involved with vessel managers and crews when needed, and spend considerable time working hands on with them, whether they are local to Seattle or located abroad. The Kraftmar staff has reached as far as Indonesia and the Middle East to provide support on projects for U.S. companies.

Our primary expertise is naval architecture and mechanical design, and we cooperate closely with companies to ensure that every aspect of their project reaches completion. After our design work is completed, we stay fully available to assist the fabricators and construction companies in carrying out the physical work and fabrication needed to successfully complete a project. It is always a team effort from our point of view.

Located in Seattle, WA.